Emily Johnson ‘Miss Maine' Gave up her Pageant for Sister’s Wedding

    Miss Maine USA, Emily Johnson, has announced that she has decided to skip Donald Trump's Miss USA Pageant to attend her sister's wedding.

    Emily Johnson decided to give up her Miss Maine USA 2011's pageant title

    This is a surprising choice and a huge sacrifice on her part. It takes years of work to earn such a prestigious title, plus by missing this event, she is giving up her title, and the valuable prizes associated with it!

    The first runner-up, Ashley Marble, has happily accepted this wonderful opportunity to represent her state as Miss Maine for the pageant.

    The New Miss Maine USA 2011, Ashley Marble

    The executive director of the Miss Maine USA pageant Mackenzie Davis "understands Johnson's reasoning, but she says Miss Maine is a serious commitment and that she's disappointed Johnson withdrew from her duties," according to MSNBC News.

    Although this certainly proves her dedication to her family, it seems like her sister could push the wedding by one weekend to show her support for her loving sister's dreams.

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