Happy 5th Birday, Cricut

    Let the Celebrations begin!!!  It's a happy birthday party for Cricut and we are all invited! I cannot wait until tonight's release of the Cricut Expression II machine - the limited anniversary (birthday) edition!  Like so many of us, I will be tuned into HSN tonight at midnight to see Jinger start get the release going! 

    I am taking a break from making Cricut birthday hats to complete this post.  I have invited MFK (my friend Kathy) and Kimberly over for the 9:00 pm Everyday Cricut livestream.  And then they are going to stay for the midnight show!!

    This is the first of my three Cricut contest birthday layouts that I am sharing.  To be honest, it is my least favorite and I almost did not even send it.  I truly like my other two and I will share those over the next two days.  What I do like about this layout are the cardstock choices.  I think the papers are fun and bright without screaming "child-like".

    So now that I have shared my so-so layout, you can look forward to two better layouts tomorrow and Wednesday.  I promise they will be more impressive.  Also, I will share photos of Kathy, Kimberly and I enjoying the Cricut festivities tonight!!!

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