Miss Universe Canada 2011 Contestant - Andreanne De Lasalle's Photo & Profile/Biography

    Name: Andreanne De Lasalle

    Age: 21 | Height: 5’10″ | Mascouche, QC

    Andréanne is a very ambitious girl who just turned 21 years old and is in her final year of Law School. She is a very natural, intelligent, and charismatic young woman who has a great passion for travelling. For a job, she is a model and is also currently working in an animal shelter.

    She is very interested in human rights and the environment. She is known for her personality and for being down to earth. Her family is a very important part of her life. She has been an athlete her whole life and she tries to live the most balanced and healthy lifestyle. Her hobbies also include art and music. As a natural role model she has the potential to influence many people.

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