Beauty pageants are the Olympics of role models” - Miss USA 1983. Ambition, compassion, grace, positivity and intellect, I believe are essential qualities to becoming a good role model for young women; qualities which I feel I possess. I am a naturally inquisitive person and I love to learn; not only on an academic level but culturally too. I think being globally aware is a fundamental attribute to becoming a potential Ambassador for both Wales and Great Britain. After gaining all A*’s, A’s and 2 B’s at GCSE, I went on to study A-levels in Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics. I have always had a passion for figures and problem solving, so naturally I chose a career path which reflected that. I am currently studying Accounting and Finance, in Cardiff. Following this, I wish to further my career by completing a Masters Degree in Forensic accountancy; a field I find fascinating yet challenging. For the past 10 years I have been working to raise money for a cause close to my heart. After losing my Nan to a lengthy battle with cancer, my mother and I decided to give a little back to those who looked after her in her final days. Together we set up a small charity, whose concern was to raise money for the local chemotherapy unit. I also have a keen interest in sport, competing regionally in both swimming and athletics. As well as this I have been privileged enough to play rugby in the Millennium Stadium during a junior Ladies Welsh tournament, three years ago. I look forward to the final and the opportunity to take the title of Miss Universe GB.

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