My name is Laura Ashfield, I am from Basingstoke and I have lived here all my life. I attended Bodywork Cambridge Performing Arts were I studied for four years gaining a National Diploma in Musical Theatre. I am currently a dance teacher at Rhythm Central Dance School Basingstoke, teaching various classes, ages 3 -16. Teaching has given me a great opportunity to share my passion and enthusiasm of dance to my students. I am proud of the high standard in the class and I have learned that dance is truly infectious. I have recently just been accepted onto a new agency and have become a full time model. I feel that modelling has given me confidence and will help me to develop my skills further. I have worked for various charities including The Variety Club, Make A Wish Foundation and NSPCC. I have helped raise funds for all these charities which has all gone to great causes and it gives me great pleasure to know I have helped to put a smile on children's faces. I am currently working on a project for The Joshua Foundation. I feel I would be a good ambassador for Great Britain as I am confident, kind, caring and always put 100% into everything I do.

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