My greatest passions in life are food, modelling and travelling. I am a passionate foodie and during the last two years, I have combined professional modelling both with giving nutritional advice to models as well as working part time for the food ethics council; an NGO which campaigns for a better, fairer food system for everyone. I have also indulged my passion for travel through modelling, with agencies representing me in both Morocco and Hong Kong. I would love to compete in Miss Universe because of the opportunity to support The Joshua Foundation. Before modelling, I worked for two years in the health sector, conducting market research for new cancer drugs. Ever since, I have remained interested in supporting cancer-related causes, including modelling at the cancer research UK fashion show and organising fundraising coffee and cake mornings. Outside modelling, I am a trained dental nurse and hold an undergraduate degree in human biology. I am also a keen skier and snowboarder, and love to play team sports with friends. I also love cats, and when they aren’t causing mischief, I enjoy snuggling up to my two cats on the sofa to unwind at the end of the day.

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