I am very determined, dedicated and ambitious, I love being active and keeping busy with new and interesting projects. I enjoy playing football, volleyball, swimming and running. I also love performing, modelling and I am very passionate about the world of entertainment. Being a casting director assistant and really enjoying being part of production in film, tv and documentaries has given me my future goal which is to have my own film and production company not only in the UK, USA but also in Latin America. Having a Bolivian heritage and being fluent in Spanish, English and partial Portuguese and Italian I hope will help me to triumph anywhere in the world! I am proud to have finished my studies with 12 GCSE’s A*-C, 3 A-Levels , 1 AS-Level and a BA Degree in Media Production. I believe this world has a lot to offer and that’s why I take every opportunity and convert them into something productive, making sure my experiences are unique and unforgettable. This is why I am taking part in MISS UNIVERSE GB. I am ready to become an ambassador and take the responsibility of representing GREAT BRITAIN because I know I can be a role model for my nation.

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