This year I have taken a break from my studies to fulfill some personal goals and also work to save enough money so that I can attend university the following year. Outside of work I have dedicated much time to two different charitable projects, whose causes I appreciate and strongly believe in. One involves the protection of our environment by preserving grassland flower species, to improve the ecosystem and its biodiversity. The second provides children, who have suffered abuse, with information and access to services that they may require and also raise their awareness about the cultural differences within the UK. I have a strong desire for different cultures to live in harmony and unity in the world today, with mutual respect and equality. This created a passion in me to increase my cultural knowledge and to travel the continents. I can speak three languages fluently: English, French and Lingala and I aspire to learn more throughout my career. In the next few years, my ambitions are to achieve a Masters degree in International Business, progress in my current Jeet Kune Do training to obtain a black belt and to establish myself as a professional model. I would like to prove that by working hard and having courage any dream is achievable.

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