I have 10 GCSE’s and continued my education at college where I pursued courses covering Fashion & Clothing, Handbag design, Business in French and Pattern Cutting. I would like to study at London College of Fashion to expand my knowledge and move a step closer of becoming an entrepreneur in the fashion industry. I have been involved in many charity events in various ways including skydiving 13,000ft for The Variety Club, Children's charity. Fundraising is a passion of mine especially for children's charities. To give or do anything I can for those less fortunate is a pleasure and I hope to continue this throughout my life. During the last few years I have expanded my love of dancing by participating in a variety of dance groups ranging from Cheerleading and Freestyle to Ballroom and Latin American. The latter two, I am particularly proud of because my training helped me reach a professional standard. I am very ambitious and there are many things I’d like to achieve in my lifetime. Ultimately I strive to be happy and content. I am extremely honored to have been accepted into such a prestigious competition and I just hope that I can progress further and possibly get to represent my country. That really would be something I’d be proud of and remember for the rest of my life.

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