I am Amy Bedward. I am described as a sweet natured, ambitious, humble and outgoing girl with a big heart who believes that all dreams are possible if you put your mind to it. I’m an avid traveler. I’m always trying new things as to me my experiences are my wealth and I intend to gain as much as possible while I still can. I find comfort in working for charity and causes, which is why I’m currently away for a month participating in the Red Cross Disaster Services in North Eastern Japan. In future I plan to be a successful philanthropist and entrepreneur. I’m currently starting my own business backed by the Bright Ideas Trust charity. Being chosen as a finalist for Miss Universe Great Britain 2011, I cannot express how extremely honored and excited I am. Even though I have traveled to many places around the world, I feel strongly that Great Britain is a truly dynamic and an extraordinary nation. It is a fantastic place to live with so much character and tradition and I am extremely proud that it is my home and if being blessed to be given the chance to be an ambassador I will work hard to not fail in doing this country proud at Miss Universe.

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