I have always thought myself to be a very ambitious and determined girl. However, that can sometimes mean I’m overly ambitious and have my head in the clouds! As true as that may be, I am very proud to have already set up two businesses: one challenging but successful and the other in the process of opening. This has come from my early working life with the family mobile events catering business, which taught me how to obtain and maintain business, clients and the general obstacles in business. As time consuming and challenging that these projects may be, I have always found time to pursue my hobbies - ironically these days they coincide with business. In the past three years, I have obtained qualifications in make up artistry, session hair stylist, beauty therapy, and nutrition all of which I enjoy immensely. I am an avid dancer and spent my teenage years learning disco, street, popping, jazz, modern, tap and hip hop. Unfortunately, life took me down different avenues and lost sight of my dream of becoming a professional dancer. It remains, however, my main passion in life and still captures my imagination. It is my ambition to get more involved in the charity and help as much as possible.

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