My greatest achievement to date is graduating from Roehampton University with a Bsc (HONS) degree in Nutrition and Health. I hope to become a successful nutritionist one day. I plan to use my life experiences and my degree to raise awareness of a healthy body image and lifestyle. My time spent at university gave me more than just a degree; I also gained good values, social skills and learned how to remain calm under pressure. My hobbies are street dance and jazz and I love to perform. I also love fashion, roller-skating, running and competing in beauty pageants. I find competing in beauty pageants great fun, from all the new people you meet to fundraising. I recently participated in fundraising for CLIC Sargent helping them raise £200,000 in just two days. The money raised was used for wheelchairs, counselling or social workers for children and their families. I feel extremely proud to be a Miss Universe GB finalist and I will give it my all at the final. It has always been my dream to win a national title and represent our country; I also want to show the world that beauty, like all things great comes with variety.

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