Tiana Grace Hall (Contestant 12)

    I am an energetic and passionate young adult, who is highly motivated for success. I take pride in my appearance, and thrive to be challenged, active and to be spending time with family and friends!

    I have an optimistic reality, and feel positively that education is an important aspect of life, which is why I fulfilled my high school qualifications to their potential, and continued through to university. This persistence can be seen in any task I become involved in; I am a focused, reliable and independent woman who often exceeds expectations.

    Honesty, loyalty and respectability are important qualities which I believe I exude within my day to day life. I enjoy exposure to cultural diversity; broadening my understanding and knowledge of others is an ongoing pleasure! Above all, I am grateful for my existence and respect the planet on which we live, as well as holding strong pride in originating from New Zealand. I recognize the urgency for change to create a sustainable future for humanity. Because of this, I hold a personal commitment to making the world a better place; hence my goal of becoming Miss World New Zealand.

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