Claire Kirby (Contestant 4)

    "You are an enigma!" I have heard this many times. A beauty queen, model and actress to some, a soldier to others, a student to more. I'm Claire Kirby and beneath the varied endeavours, I'm simply proud to be a born and bred Kiwi.

    I was crowned Miss Earth New Zealand 2007 and experienced the pride of representing my country on the international stage. The doors this helped open in the modelling and film industries has been exciting.

    I have been serving as a field engineer in the NZ Territorials for over two years now. This already has, and will continue, to create opportunities to actively serve my country and help others in need. I recently deployed to Christchurch to assist in the earthquake recovery.

    I am studying a Bachelor of Communication majoring in Public Relations. I hope my degree will be a valuable tool in where I aim to succeed.

    I look forward to continuing to serve and represent my country in the future, wherever opportunities arise. "Be the change you want to see in the world." - Mahatma Gandhi

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