Over the Moon with Nursery Rhymes

    Hey Diddle Diddle, the cat and the fiddle, the cow jumped over the moon.  The dog laughed to see such a sight and the dish ran away with the spoon!   I always liked that nursery rhyme - the laughing dog and the dish and spoon running away always made smile.  Imagine my excitement when I discovered the Over the Moon cut on the Nursery Rhyme cartridge.

    I discovered the images back when I first purchased the cartridge but I waited until I needed a baby card to finally cut this image.  My friend Pat has a new baby granddaughter - in fact Pat is spending time with her right now.  But I still want to send Pat a card to be there when she arrives home. 

    The cow over the moon image contains two layers - the top and shadow layers.  I cut the shadow in pink, but I cut the top layer in two colors, yellow and chocolate brown.  I trimmed the cow off of the brown moon and glued him over the yellow moon.  Easy, easy to add extra color to the image.

    I used a lot of pink and brown on this card - and I love that large dot background on the front of the card.  Though I have to tell you, on a creepy scale of 1 - 10, I may have to give the spoon a 7!  Seriously, this spoon just bothers me a bit - that is why I stuck him inside the card, LOL.

    Here is one last look at the card front.  I just love the moon cut.   I also really like the stars on the phrase cut, Over the Moon.  And let's be honest, my friend Pat is probably over the moon with her new granddaughter!!

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