Pippa Middleton offered $5 million for sex tape.

    Writing scandal today has been like waiting for a bus. Wait all day and two come along at the same time. Ordinarily I wouldn’t pen two articles about the same person in quick succession, but what would you do if you received a copy of Pippa Middleton’s $5 million porn offer? Exactly.

    Vivid entertainment are a porn site famed for featuring the sex tapes of A list goddesses ranging from Kim Kardashian and  Kendra Wilkinson to Paris Hilton. Steve Hirsh, their co founder is the man with the plan and today I’m hearing that he’s offered Pippa Middleton $5 million dollars to make a sex tape for them.
    I have a copy of the original ‘offer of employment’ so let me hand over to Steve H who’ll take you through the Terms and Conditions.
    Oh my oh my. What to say, what to say? I could say the burning question is will she accept their offer? When those ‘lazing Sunday afternooners’ over there in Fleet street pick this up they’ll all want an answer to that little question mark, because a naked Pippa Middleton is probably the most sought after picture on Earth right now.
    So there you have it my ‘darklings’, a tale of ‘scandalacious’ direct from the petty bourgeoisie.
    Bring it on.

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