Vijay Mallya’s Daughter Laila Mallya : Photos

    Flamboyant tycoon Vijay Mallya is spotted ever so often, but his daughter Laila is more elusive. Laila has an under-grad degree from the University of Bentley, Boston. An entrepreneur in her own right, she outsources accessories and lifestyle products from the USA and Europe for a Bangalore lifestyle store called Kahawa. She has also worked as a merchandiser with high-end retail houses in New York.
    On her siblings, Laila insists there’s no rivalry between the four of them. (Laila is Rekha Mallya’s daughter from a previous marriage, now adopted by VJM. Besides Siddharth, VJM’s son from his first wife, Rekha and Mallya have two other daughters too). Laila says they’re all quite close and call each other no less than three to four times a day.
    Laila Mallya

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