All is well as Tusshar patches up Minissha and Sagar

    Tusshar KapoorAll is now well between Minissha Lamba and her director Sagar Ballary. The man whom they would be looking at thanking most? Tusshar Kapoor. Though there have been a series of verbal bouts between Minissha and Sagar post the release of Bheja Fry 2 and during the current promotional campaign of Hum Tum Shabana, it can well be expected to be a thing of the past since Tusshar has facilitated a patch up between the two.

    "Recently Tusshar organised a small get together at his apartment for a private screening of a couple of songs of Hum Tum Shabana which were just wrapped up. Obviously other than Tusshar's close associates and friends, Minissha and Sagar were also invited and though they had some real serious differences with each other, they didn't want to say no to Tusshar", informs a source.

    Though the screening went off peacefully and Tusshar was quite pleased with the final results, he could sense that something was wrong between his leading lady and the director.

    "He was unaware about the ongoing tussle between them and realised it only during the party when he saw them maintaining a distance from each other", says a guest who saw the event unfold first hand, "When Tusshar contacted some mutual friends, he was told about the war of words between Minissha and Sagar. Tusshar couldn't believe his ears since everything had gone so well during the making of the film and something like this was totally unexpected."

    Resultantly, Tusshar immediately pulled out both Minissha and Sagar out of the crowd and took them to another corner of the apartment. However instead of reasoning with them or trying to put forth his point of view, he merely asked them to settle their differences like mature individuals rather than making it a public 'tamasha'. As it eventually turned out, this is all that was required for the two friends who came back smiling in a matter of 15-20 minutes and declared that all was eventually well.

    When contacted Tusshar confirmed that an incident like this had indeed taken place though he refuses to comment on the conversation that transpired between Minissha and Sagar during the minutes they spent together in isolation.

    "I have no business to ask them what they spoke about; it's between them. All I know is that they walked out of my apartment smiling and promised that they were good with each other now. I guess it was just a little misunderstanding and nothing really serious. Also Minissha isn't someone who can really hold a grudge against someone for too long. Everything is sorted out now and they are back to being friends", declares Tusshar. Hope the two friends also feel the same
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