Is Dimpy Mahajan pregnant?

    Is Dimpy Mahajan pregnant? 
    Yup, Dimpy is said to be having a bun in the oven. According to reports, Rahul and Dimpy were spotted visiting the Breach Candy Hospital recently and they walked out smiling ear-to-ear. Soon the web world was abuzz with the speculation that Dimpy was pregnant and in no time the congratulatory messages started pouring in on their Facebook pages.

    Responding to the rumours, Rahul Mahajan says he doesn’t want to either confirm or deny them.

    Often Indian celebrities are very hesitant in talking about early pregnancy because it is considered inauspicious to talk about such subjects before the lady is three months pregnant. Lara Dutta kept hush hush about it and admitted later.

    Now, we are waiting for a confirmation from Rahul and Dimpy as well, albeit at the time of their choosing.

    The duo got married on a reality TV show and their marriage apparently hit a bump when Dimpy walked out of Rahul’s home and even accused him of domestic violence. However, Rahul and Dimpy soon ironed out their differences and have been happily together since then.Source URL:
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