Through pageants I have held a variety of titles and through acting I have played parts in Shameless, Britannia High, Blue Murder, and Boy A. I have also performed as an assistant for a world-renowned magician, Andrew Van Buren. This enabled me to travel all over the UK raising money for multiple charities, through a Circus starr winter magic charity tour. I was the first UK resident to train with the Moscow State Circus, my speciality being in Aerial Silk work. I have attained Honours awards in dance, and trained in Modern Jazz, Tap, Freestyle, Rock & Roll, Cheer Leading and Irish dancing. I also studied in Beauty Therapy achieving an NVQ2, this led to me managing my own salon. As I am petite, my aims include breaking the stereotypical view of models seen today and would like to Inspire other young women, by giving them belief in themselves to reach their goals. I also aim to continue to help others through charity work, bringing me closer to new people and their diverse cultures. I am passionate, enthusiastic and would embrace any opportunities that being successful in Miss Universe GB would bring.

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