I am currently in my final year of university studying Psychology with hopes of one day becoming either a professional counselling or criminal psychologist. I love being able to help people emotionally, as when you believe in yourself you truly can do anything. I also mentor underachieving and underprivileged teenagers in my local school to help them widen the aspirations of their future and to give them confidence in reaching for it. I am a dedicated, sincere and fun-loving person who puts all my energy into what I believe in. I am a very sociable person and love meeting new people and experiencing new places and cultures. One of my ambitions is to travel to the Amazon rainforest and go back to the basics of life without the materialistic things modern day life forces upon us. I love to read and write, and I have played the clarinet up to grade 8 standard, but my favourite talent is knowing Michael Jacksons ‘Thriller’ dance routine beginning to end!

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