Curacao, An Enchanting Island

     Curacao is part of the ABC group of island, next to Aruba and Bonaire in Netherlands Antilles, Caraibe.

    The beauty and charm of Curacao does not consist only in its beautiful white sand beaches (over 40 all around the island), nor the blue waters of the Atlantic. After me, it is not the multicolor fish you can see really close to the land, but most of all, the charm of Curacao it is because it's beautiful capital: Willemstad.

    Willemstad has 2 main areas: Punda and Otrobanda, divided by a channel that serves Curacao's main port. If you want to cross this channel, you have 2 options as a pedestrian. You can go on the marvelous floating bridge Queen Emma (that's if no ships are around, in which case it is fold to Otrobanda) or you can take the free ferry to take you all the way to Punda (10 minutes approx, including the wait).
    If you are by car, a long detour is needed, but is all worth it, because Queen Julianna is an impressive bridge, so big that the cruise ships can fit under it.

    On both sides, you can see colonial style houses, in beautiful bright color (orange, red, white, green, yellow, blue). While in Curacao, I've read a story about one of the former governor, many centuries ago, that couldn't stand the white, monotonous color of the building, and accused it of giving him headaches... and that's how the nice coloring of the houses begun.

    Our favorite coffee terrace was Iguana Cafe (by the way, lots of iguanas on the island, almost everywhere - not in the city though... really cute animals), situated in Punda, right near Queen Emma. They had a delicious Bananarama, a cocktail with banana juice and some alcohol that i was addicted to. Right next to it was Vienna Cafe, with a really good tasting apple strudel.

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