Grey's Anatomy, Boston Legal, Fly Girls and Their Common Denominator

    Medical drama series had been warmly accepted by viewers. The success of ER, House, Grey's Anatomy and its successors are epitome of how lucrative these shows are. And the same thing applies to medical industry; recently the Bureau of Labor Statistics released its annual wages report citing that surgeons, pediatricians and other medical related work are the highest earning jobs. Payroll of medical practitioners indeed ranks top among workers population.

    Going back to the shows, prime time viewers once again took to the medical genre an alternative to the now-aging "ER". House, which debuted on Fox in 2004, broke the mundane and predictable medical series shown before. Portrayed by the wonderful Hugh Laurie, Dr. Gregory House possesses a rude manner yet he would your man if no other doctor can diagnose your illness. A slow starter in its first months, House was given a boost in the spring of 2005 with strong ratings making House as one of Fox's top-rated series.

    Outside the health care premise, the only job that cracked the top ten was chief executive, lawyers, and engineering managers. Hearing the word lawyer may ignite a certain panic, but that is quite rational as it is almost synonymous to trouble. From simple violations like drunk driving to gross acts, we need a lawyer to defend us. No wonder legal television series such as Boston Legal and The Practice had been a part of American TV entertainment. A high payroll deserves any lawyer whom the profession may be good and decent, but the profession itself is not.

    Airline a reality show showcases the highs and lows that passengers and crew face behind the scenes of Southwest Airlines. A customer in nice and not so nice mood, sentimental and emotional events and employees on and off the job captured in the camera constitutes most of the show's episode. Though receiving a not so nice view from the critics, Airline is shown in different countries. Following the trail is Flygirls, showcasing the lives of five flight attendants of Virgin Airlines. Hustle bustle in airports is just a common sight, the take-offs, the landings seems never cease. Just imagine how many people an airline can carry annually and how many airplanes are there in the skies transporting people at different sides of the world. No wonder that air traffic controller's payroll ranks top in the recent survey of high paying job. Jobs with great responsibility deserve a fat paycheck.

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